Without CITE, Critical Communication Is Blind

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Communication theory incorporates the principles of human behavior, psychology, brain research, and social sciences. Phrazer leverages visual, tactile, and emotional techniques that gain trust, comfort, and clarity. Warm, soft touch handles start your connection with the patient through a hand-held interface. Trust building is elevated to a new level with an engaging and culturally relevant caregiver who maintains continuous, private dialog. Patient satisfaction is enhanced in a single system that adjusts dynamically to culture, race, gender, and situation. Simultaneously, caregivers are provided insights into the patient's culture and medical concern.



Information theory focuses on accurate, concise, and replicable methods of transferring critical information. Phrazer uses unique patented communication pathways to inform the caregiver visually and audibly with critical and timely information about the patient’s needs, medical literacy, faith, cultural expectations, and more. Phrazer does this while also offering the opportunity to work with other patients concurrently.



Theory of matured sciences, communication, and information have predictable, repeatable results. These sciences are truly the forefront of human insight. Information theory was birthed merely 50 years ago and communication theory has only recently experienced an explosion of validated findings expanding on its strong historical base. Phrazer is the first to fully integrate these critical fundamentals.



Empowered by these validated human sciences, Phrazer’s design, software, media, and interfaces all come together in one device to improve the medical outcomes of your patient. This empowerment enables truly accurate communication to prevail in every caregiver/patient interaction. Phrazer doesn’t rest there, it leverages human evolutionary biology that reliably applies to nearly everyone and simultaneously addresses the uniqueness found in specific age groups, genders, and cultures. The science behind Phrazer provides unparalleled results in accuracy, trust, validity, and patient/caregiver satisfaction.